Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hello Everyone,

Can you believe it is the end of May and we have not blogged since March. Personally, it has been busy. It seems the ministry has intensified. It's as if there is this push to get into position within a certain time frame. Well, here are some updates although they are summarized (it would take too much writing and reading to really go into detail).

1. The '09 Haiti team is poised to go in July. There are thirteen of us (a fourteenth person may join us from southern California). Three of the team members are 18. We will leave the end of July and return the end of the first week of August. Please pray for us and if you would like to donate, it isn't too late. There are many things we need to purchase when we get there. I won't go into more detail of the activities because I covered most of it in an earlier blog.

2. We have recruited a number of women interested in going into local jails, prisons and juvenile detention facilities to minister to the women and girls. Please pray with us as the ministry is being assembled.

3. Currently, we are teaching the Missions I class at the Revival Center Training Institute. The students are so excited. Pretty soon, they will be off to the mission field. One of the students will go on the upcoming July trip.

4. Our door to door monthly ministry will resume in June with one of the "tribes" going out the second Sunday morning to knock on doors and share Jesus and a prayer with families.

5. Pastor George and two of the brothers just returned from Haiti in April doing a survey of the land and the needs as well as the progress from the flood damage. He reported they have began rebuilding the walls around the mission complex. They also looked at land for future buildings in areas that aren't as flood prone. He reported the following priorities for us and our partners:

a. Our number one priority he said is to complete the renovation of the school in Gonaives by putting in the floors, windows, dry walling the classroom walls and painting them as well as fixing up the outside of the school building and replacing the office equipment; redigging the wells on the property and redigging the outdoor toilets.
b. Next we want to build a church in the small mountaineous area of Benoit
c. and then build classrooms for the school in the high mountain of Dechaos.
d. Finally, we want to purchase land and building the mission house although the price has gone up considerably since the land we wanted to buy originally was destroyed by the flood.

It's awesome to have a part in what God is doing in the earth!! Until next time, God bless each of you.

Pastor Ollie Dixon

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