Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hello Everyone!

It's update time>

21 more days and we're off to Beautiful Haiti!!! The anticipation is mounting and preparations are moving full speed ahead.

1. We just completed our final missions class for the Spring semester. For our last class we had an International potluck. The food was so good. The class researched various countries and bought dishes representing those countries. We had:
Israeli salad from the Middle East; Cous Cous w/chicken from Morocco; Peas & rice and Escobich from Jamaica; Curry chicken also Caribbean seafood from Trinidad; Samosa from India; Honey walnut prawns from China; and good old American lemon cake. What a tremendous class finale!! Congratulations to our new missionaries.

2. In our last post we talked about sorting the donated items to pack to take. So many volunteers have stepped up to do the sorting this week. Donations are still coming in. Many of my co-workers have contributed items and today sent the most beautiful email to me testifying how this has stirred them to get involved in their own communities to help the less fortunate. Many thanks to the donors and the volunteers.

3. I recently met with the Chaplain at Solano County Jail and went on a tour of the facility. It really stirred up the desire to minister to the imprisoned which is part of our mission as Jesus' disciples (Luke 4;18-19) and the vision of Apostle Nutt. We have around a dozen interested individuals that want to be trained and go into jails. Soon we will have a training with the Chaplain. Also Bro. Anthony has been doing training sessions for those interested in Juvenile Hall ministry.

4. Pastor George reports the rebuilding of the walls around the mission complex has been completed. Please continue to pray for resources, skilled laborers and favor to fulfill the following identified priorities from our leaders:

a. Our number one priority he said is to complete the renovation of the school in Gonaives by putting in the floors, windows, dry walling the classroom walls and painting them as well as fixing up the outside of the school building and replacing the office equipment; redigging the wells on the property and redigging the outdoor toilets.
b. Next we want to build a church in the small mountaineous area of Benoit
c. and then build classrooms for the school in the high mountain of Dechaos.
d. Finally, we want to purchase land and building the mission house although the price has gone up considerably since the land we wanted to buy originally was destroyed by the flood.

OK got to go. Blessings and honor and glory to each of you.

Pastor Ollie Dixon
Revival Center Ministries Missions Evangelism

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