Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rebuilding the Walls of Hope

Whew!! Hello Everyone,

March is not only here but it is almost over! The March winds have been blowing and we've been busy preparing for the July trip to Haiti. In addition, we have three people going to Haiti next month. Pastor George and two of the brethren will head to Haiti to see how the walls that were destroyed by the flood can be rebuilt around the mission in Gonaives at Love and Light Mission.

I could go on talking about the walls but I want to talk about hope. The psalmist said, "Hope thou in God." We must hope in God, praying fervently in faith for deliverance for Haiti while encouraging our brothers and sisters there to do the same. Then we must "put our money where our mouth is" and put our hands to the plow to help make a difference there. Action speaks louder than words and talk is cheap are two old quotes that still ring clear.

ARE YOU READY?? Let's get busy!! How you ask? First, you can go on a mission trip with us to Haiti and use your skills to touch lives. If that won't work, you can donate. There is so much we could with more finances.

In this economy, there are still ways to help. A dear Korean sister in our missions training class shared how it was a missionary that visited her home some years ago that caused her to accept Christ. She suggested individual or group garage sales with the proceeds going to missions.

Cutting back on some or all of your daily coffee, snack, etc. and putting that money in a jar of whatever and donating it each month to missions. Make missions a family effort by putting a jar with a missions label on it where everyone can see. You will be surprised how this teaches your children to become givers. Cut out a picture of another child from Haiti and put it on the jar so they can have a visual of the lives their money will touch.

I cut back on the hair salon visits, saving around $150 per month which helps touch lives. Pray and see where you can cut back. Send checks payable to Revival Center Ministries, ATTN; Missions/Pastor Ollie Dixon, P.O. Box 1088, Vallejo, CA 94590

We can do it.

Pastor Ollie

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