Monday, January 25, 2010

Cooperative Declaration Over Haiti

Although the initial alarm at the catastrophe in Haiti is dwindling, there is a very serious need there. Many have fled to outlying cities from Port Au Prince. Gonaives is full of people. The homeless, sick, injured and the criminal. Food prices have sky rocketed up and is scarce due to the fact that most staples are normally imported from Port Au Prince. Keep praying for the people and the country as well as asking God how you can find a way to give to help us reach the people with what they need. Our team is still scheduled to leave March 31st and return April 10th of this year, however we are assessing the situation on a daily basis.

Ollie Dixon

Please join us in making a daily declaration over Haiti for the next 40 days. This declaration was given to one of our young aspiring missionaries by God as she prayed and waited for Him to speak to her concerning the situation there:

Haiti will become an example of God's loving mercy, His power and deliverance. Their sick will be healed. Their dead will rise. Those impoverished will be made rich, and the economy will flourish. They will have electricity and running water in abundance. The streets will be paved and clean. The orphans will have families; everyone will be educated. Everyone will know God's love. Voodo will forever loose it's hold, and the Holy Spirit, and Jesus' unfailing love and annointing will rest on the whole Island. Many peoples from all nations of the Earth will either be envious or thankful to God for His miraculous reformation. I believe God and His vision. His word does not go out and come back void. It accomplishes it's mission skillfully and quickly. Praise be to God, the God of redemption, the God of cleansing, the God of miracles. In Jesus mighty name, Amen.

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