Tuesday, September 2, 2008

There is nothing too hard for God

Hello Everyone,

This is an update on our loved ones in Haiti. I just talked with Archange at noon. He has many people seeking refuge from the floodwaters in his house. Gonaïves is flooded and IT IS STILL RAINING he said. The water and mud has rendered his water pump inoperable so they have no drinking water. I recommended trying to capture the rainwater and drink it. They cannot go anywhere due to the water. He said I can’t go check on anyone to see if they are alive right now. He said he talked with Joseph by phone this morning. I also talked with Joseph twice last night with last call at 1 am this morning asking me to pray with him. He said people were on roofs as was he. His stuff was either underwater or washed away including his motorcycle, bed, and school stuff I’d just gotten him except his uniform which he had managed to grab. Archange said at least they have their life even if everything else is lost. I haven’t heard how Pastor Robert is faring. Perhaps someone has an update on him they can share.
There are three more storms forming over the waters off African and it’s not certain which direction they will go per the weather people. The media is not addressing this. There was one news article just sent to me stating the seriousness of this situation i.e. Gonaïves is underwater and no help can get in. Please join together in prayer for God to intervene in this situation. Unlike the areas affected by the storms here in America, these people have no storm shelters, etc. We ask God to redirect the storms away from Haiti, to cause the floodwaters to recede and to heal the land as well as protecting our loved ones there.
Let us begin to prepare ourselves to be ready to help them as much as possible once this is over.
There is nothing too hard for God!! God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. The power of life and death is in our tongues. Let us speak life to the country of Haiti.

Pastor Ollie Dixon

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