Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ministry Hands Working Together Helping People in Haiti

"The name of my community is Chatelain. There is a lot of people are living there more than 250 persons and many children in this area are not going to school so I have a program we call it scholarship program that’s mean we should like to help some of them to go to school, Pastor Brown has just sent $120.00 [to] us money for helping one of them to go to public school, with the money there is possibility to pay the year or the school and buy uniform, shoes, books, notebooks. I don’t say you have possibility to help but help me to pray for them, because when I saw my kids went to school and the others stay home does that touch my heart so much, the children with education are dangerous for Haiti. God, Education and profession could change the situation of Haitian people it is that I believe. I have a great vision for them even if I do not see how I will help them but God is good and He is thinking about them. One more time please pray for me."
(Ministry Hands working together helping People in Haiti.)

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