Friday, September 19, 2008

Rebuilding lives

Homes need to be built and furnished. Income opportunities created to sustain daily lives. Who is up to the task? Is it you? How about you?

Doug Satre, director of outreach at Floresta was recently quoted as saying “When storms strike the United States, we can turn to government aid. But Haitians get virtually no help, relying on the kindness of stranger.”

News reports say that the western city of Gonaives was all but destroyed and every house had been damaged or swamped by mud. Prime Minister Michele Pierre-Louis has said that up to one million persons may be homeless.

“This is a humanitarian catastrophe of a scale that is beyond the capacity of the government, (or) of the UN stabilization mission” in Haiti said Hedi Annabi of the UN. Mr Annabi said, “It is just an horrendous sight. This is a city which is basically destroyed. There is not a single house that has not been destroyed or damaged, that is not full of two or three feet of mud”

An aid team member in Haiti said, “Schools are due to reopen in early October, yet thousands of people are still living inside school buildings because their homes have either been washed away or are uninhabitable. This is not just short term emergency relief that people need. Without seeds to replant or livestock to replace those that were killed, hundreds of thousands of people in Haiti will have no way to feed themselves for months to come.”

This is a call for business persons, churches, companies, tradesmen and regular ordinary citizens to come together to help rebuild homes and lives in Haiti. It is up to us!!

Contact Ollie Dixon at (707) 649-4124. WE NEED YOU!!

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