Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Latest Mission News

Wonderful news! The Heberson Paridis Hotel in Gonaives is open so we should be getting to ready to head there very soon. The water is gone down in most places leaving lots of mud and much worst stuff nevertheless we praise God as we prepare to travel there .

Here's family updates:
Pastor Robert left for Port Au Prince to seek medical treatment for bumps in his mouth, on his legs and feet. This is no doubt connected to exposure to the flood water bacteria.

Sadrac Garcon (school principal for Decharos school) called to say he, his wife and baby girl only had 3 more days to stay in the rental room and then they would be homeless. He also said his wife and his father, Pastor Joseph Garcon, are suffering badly with their feet from exposure to the waters and they have no means to obtain medication or medical treatment.

Derival Archange reported he has gone to his home and cleaned it up but there is a bad smell so he will wait a while longer before bringing his family home because it isn't good for his infant son. He said he is thankful that he still has a house because so many people homes were destroyed. He shared a testimony about one of the hurricanes hurling a car within feet of his house and rejoiced that God caused it to miss his house and spared his family.

Joseph Markenson decided to go to St. Marc because his food and funds ran out. He said he has 2 brothers there who should be able to help him with food and shelter so he went there today. He reported that he arrived and was able to find his brothers. He said his stomach is full.

Prayer Requests:

> For the team as we travel to Haiti: for safety, health and protection, resources to aid the people with restoration.
>For those in Haiti: for health, provision of shelter and other necessities, healing, restoration of more than they lost.
>For the country of Haiti: healing in the land, sincere governmental leadership that will help all the people.
>For skilled laborers that will assist with the restoration and building.
>For finances to enable restoration and building.

God bless,

Pastor Ollie Dixon

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