Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Although there are still people living on rooftops, on the streets and in tents the people of Haiti are rebuilding their lives. Pastor Robert Compere recently sent photos of Love and Light distributing donated new shoes and clothing. They are still feeding people on regular basis.

The school is now open ahead of the Governments extended deadline of November 17th. Pastor Robert also sent photos of the new benches that were built to replace the ones destroyed in the flood. Water and Education Int'l ( donated the funds to have the benches made and in appreciation, they engraved WEI on the benches. The students have received new school supplies and books as well.

On October 25, 2008, Revival Center Ministries and Water and Education Int'l hosted a flood relief benefit concert entitled "Hope for Haiti" to raise funds for flood victims in Haiti. The concert was well attended and music from Georgia Kennion and the Spirit of Revival Choir along with other local talents was enjoyed by all. In addition, the attendees watched a video of the footage shot recently on the humanitarian trip to Haiti. Many people gave and wanted to know what more could be done. Beautiful souvenirs were created by Missionary Rakeisha to sell and local entrepreneurs donated items to raffle.

Plans are being made to take a medical team into Haiti in the early Spring and the Summer trip in late July is being planned.

The Revival Center Training Institute's Missions class is in process with potential new missionaries participating. The class recently presented their oral reports expressing how the class has changed concept of missions and even their lives.
Missionary Ann Brown of Spirit and Truth Church in Sacramento has also been teaching a missions class at her church. It sounds like we will have new missionaries in 2008!

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