Wednesday, September 3, 2008

They are screaming for help

High water still prevented U.N. soldiers from reaching the western city of Gonaives, where the rise of muddy water drove people to seek refuge on rooftops Tuesday as wind gusts drove horizontal sheets of rain.
"They are screaming for help," said Iris Norsil, 20, who managed to escape the city.
Water rose so much overnight near Gonaives that a bridge people crossed on Tuesday night was under water on Wednesday.
A convoy carrying Prime Minister Michele Pierre-Louis had to abandon efforts to reach Gonaives when one of the cars was nearly swept away, said Julian Frantz, a Haitian police officer with the group.
"The situation is as bad as it can be," said Vadre Louis, a U.N. official in Gonaives. "The wind is ripping up trees. Houses are flooded with water. Cars can't drive on the street. You can't rescue anyone, wherever they may be."

Please continue praying and preparing to be of assistance however God enables us to.

God bless you,Pastor Ollie

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