Sunday, September 7, 2008

In Gonaives, the death toll has risen to over 500

As the flood waters recede in Gonaive the death toll has risen to over 500 as more bodies are discovered. In addition, they are bracing for storms from hurricane Ike even though Ike itself is not supposed to actually touch Haiti. Let us pray for lives to be spared and no more rain or storms. Although aid is being sent, many are still without even basic things and suffering cuts and other potential hazardous issues from travelling in the water. They have no clean water or soap to wash the bacteia from their skin. Joseph and Archange were able to get money sent via western union but tonight Joseph who is now up in Bienac told me I have money but there is nothing to buy and my feet are very very big (swollen) from the water. Let's keep praying. Good news from Joseph: Little Nerlande is ok, Shina is ok as is Killick and Jean Elie. Hubert is ok. Many have gone to higher grounds. God works miracles and the prayers of the righteous do avail much. Do remember to pray for our brothers and sisters in Cuba where Ike is supposed to hit also the missionaries in Mitu Columbia, Pastor George Hurd whose team is still experiencing persecution from the rebels, satanist and drug lords. We will not stop!!! There is much work to be done.

Ollie Dixon

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