Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hello All,

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The NY Times article referenced in the previous email was from today's New York Times.

Pastor Robert has forwarded quite a few pictures from the flooding in the city. We will post a few later. Also on yesterday, I was informed that some relief had been sent for Pastors Robert Compere and Joseph Garcon.

Archange informed me that there was some flooding last night in the countryside but not in Gonaive.

In speaking with Joseph today, his feet are somewhat better. Some of the swelling and pain is gone  and the fever is gone. He has received money and purchased a change of clothing and other daily necessities. Archange assisted him in finding a place to stay although it has no toilet and access to water is a long way from there. He reports that the flies and mosquitos are really bad. With all of that he still laughed with me and worshipped God.

Ollie Dixon

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