Saturday, September 27, 2008

Haiti Update

One more day and off to Haiti we go! Thank you to all those that are constantly in prayer for the people of Haiti and for our mission team. Not only are our ministry families praying in California, but also Chicago, Kentucky and points beyond. A special thank you to Apostle Charlene Crossley and the Church on the Way family and prayer team for your encouragement and prayers. In addition, our Haiti family is constantly praying for us and have asked that we convey their appreciation to everyone for your support and prayers.

Here is an update to previous blogs:
Funds were sent to Haiti to help Pastor Joseph Garcon and his son, Sadrac Garcon to temporarily pay rent, buy medication and food for their families.

We were informed that the two doctors that used to be at Love and Light are no longer there. One went to Port Au Prince and the other went back to Cuba to be with his family. Nevertheless, we are taking over the counter medications that we can dispense to those that are suffering with their feet and infections.

The well at Love and Light school cannot be repaired at this time because the roads are not good enough for a truck to get there. The water pump at Archange's home has to have the pipes replaced before clean water can be gotten for his family and community. Nurse Khamisi is sending the funds to fix the pump with the team.

It was thought that the schools might open the first week of October but that is postponed, no doubt due to many homeless people still living in the schools as well as damage to some. Love and Light School suffered damage and lots of mud. We are prepared to help clean the school out upon our arrival.

In addition, the team will purchase, bag and distribute hundreds of pounds of beans and rice to the people.

Our relief team departs Sunday, Sept. 28th and return Saturday, Oct. 4th. Keep the prayer covering going and God bless you.

Pastor Ollie Dixon

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